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Q) What are your opening hours?
A) We are open Monday to Friday from 09:00 until 16:30

Q) Do you accept DSS applicants?
A) Some of our properties do accept DSS applicants. If you have the deposit & first five months rent upfront this can help to reassure our landlords. If you are in doubt you can always call our offices.

Q) Do you accept pets?
A) Some of our properties do accept pets & we try to include this information on the property pages. However if this information is not detailed on our site, some landlords are often willing to make exceptions. If you are in doubt, feel free to call our offices.

Q) How do I apply for a property?
A) Fill out the application form on our Tenant page.

Q) What will I need to complete my application?
A) We require your last two months of bank statements & wage slips. We also require a landlord reference. If you cannot get a landlord reference we can accept an employer reference (although a landlord submission is preferred). We also require a copy of photo ID. You can submit this information by email or pop into out office with it.

Q) How much is the deposit?
A) The deposit is always the same as one months rent.

Q) When is my first payment due?
A) Your first rent payment will be due on the ‘move in date’ issued on your lease.

Q) How long will my lease be for?
A) All our leases are for six months. After this, they continue on a rolling contract.

Q) How much notice will I have to give?
A) If you wish to leave a property before your lease is up you will have to give us two months notice. You will be liable to pay rent on the property for the two months, even if you no longer live there.